Who We Are

Fifth Star LLC

One man scorned and covered with scars 
still strove with his last ounce of courage to reach the unreachable stars; 
and the world will be better for this. 
-Miguel de Cervantes

Welcome to Fifth Star LLC. We are a Chicago-rooted creative studio specializing in original brands and innovative products with a purpose. Our purpose is to elevate Chicago, Illinois and the Middle West by celebrating the exceptional people and possibilities here through the creation of objects that shine a light on the good that exists and the great that will. 

What and who is a Fifth Star? It’s an idea, a way of living. A way of giving. A way of doing your best in everything you do because what you do, not what you say, is who you are. And you want to be your best self; you want to be the greatest version of you. You want to be a star, not to be admired, but to shine on those around you...to bring some light and push back the darkness. Innovation happens at the edges, stars shine. Fifth Stars shine on Chicago.

Chicago’s iconic flag has four stars representing events in the City’s history. Some have suggested a fifth star for more recent events, but a perfect flag should not be updated by looking backwards to the past. We think the Fifth Star should be forward-looking to the future. Chicagoans today and tomorrow should be the Fifth Stars in spirit and in action, the force multipliers, shining on in their communities through good works. 

Our objects are designed in Chicago, produced by Chicagoans for Chicagoans. We give a portion of proceeds to organizations doing good in Chicago, like United Way of Metro Chicago's COVID-19 Regional Recovery and Greater Chicago Food Depository. And when possible, we advise high-ethics, good-intentioned neighborhood businesses on how to grow stronger and more resilient in order to increase the economic and social impact in their communities. 

What we do is who we are, so let’s shine bright and shine on, Fifth Stars. The City needs us now more than ever.

Alexandra Trumbull is a cofounder of Fifth Star LLC. She’s spent the past decade in Chicago working as a digital strategist and communicator for Office of the City Treasurer, Crain’s Chicago Business, Sun-Times Media/Wrapports, The Red Line Project, Metromix-Chicago Tribune and NBC5. 

An arts & entertainment enthusiast, Alexandra loves meeting Chicago's creators and makers and firmly believes some of the best talent in the world exists in or came from the Middle West. Her goal with Fifth Star is to awaken pride through sharing products that inspire and excite, and supporting Chicago's diverse communities. 

Alexandra earned both her MA and BA in Journalism with a Minor in Theatre Arts from DePaul University. Before the pandemic, she loved going to concerts and live theatre, visiting museums and breweries, and spending time on-set of the city's many tv productions. When not studying to be fluent in Scottish Gaelic, she enjoys exploring the City's lakefront, practicing yoga, putting too many books on hold at the Chicago Public Library, and planning her return trips to Scotland.  

James Chuck is a cofounder of Fifth Star LLC. He was born and raised in downtown Chicago, acutely knows his City’s strengths and weaknesses, and cares greatly for the City and its citizens. His goal with Fifth Star is to elevate Chicago, Illinois and the Middle West by celebrating the exceptional people and possibilities here through the creation of brands and products that shine a light on the good that exists and the great that will. For good reasons and with good people, James tries to create and bring good things to life. 

Prior to founding Fifth Star, James co-founded Baršun (CHI), Empire Cider Company (NY), Euris Capital Partners (HR) and Knitting Together Nations (BiH); and worked for WElink Group - 8080 Lakeshore Drive (CHI), Dolphin Capital Partners (HR/CG), Katzenbach Partners (NY; now part of Booz & Co), Commission for Real Property Claims (BiH), Madison Department for Economic Planning (WI) and William Blair IB (CHI). 

James is a graduate of Columbia Business School (NYC), Institut d’Etudes Politiques (Aix-FR), University of Wisconsin-Madison, Choate Rosemary Hall (CT) and Latin School of Chicago. 

Being from the City in a Garden that rocks, he enjoys making music, sailing, playing soccer and tennis, seeing killer bands, running the lakefront trail with his dog and visiting world-class museums, restaurants and the zoo.

Want to collaborate? Chat with us at team@fifthstarllc.com