lux et umbra '71 chicago love seat and solo chicago star chair in a chicago loft

metal, glass, shards of sun.
steel cliffs reaching for sky. 
in shadows, looking for light. 

Fifth Star’s museum-grade lux et umbra ‘71 furniture collection explores Chicago’s light and shadows through sciography and is rendered, like the City itself, in fire and steel. 

Fifth Star LLC's lux et umbra '71 furniture collection plays with light and casts the Chicago star

Sciography, from Greek “skia” for shadow, is a science of visual perspective treating projection of shadows and an object’s gradations of light and shade as an integral part of the whole: what is not there is as central to a structure’s composition as what is. Darkness highlights the presence of light to create depth, perspective and a powerful, uplifting focus. Chicago’s hard edges and flawless lines come to life in lux et umbra ‘71 through careful execution of the City’s iconic star and the light it projects. 

These pieces make an impressive statement in residential foyers and office receptions without losing function and comfort at a dining table or on a terrace. Their generous dimensions, including a 5° layback, foster a luxurious and ennobling posture. Each piece comes in two different steel options, cold rolled square bar or hot rolled square tube, the latter being lighter in weight and having slightly softer edges. Surfaces are of a sturdy 14 gauge plate weight. Both steel options are hand finished in black patina, which evolves with the changing colors of the day’s light, and sealed with a weather-proof, clear lacquer coat. 

lux et umbra ‘71 is designed by Fifth Star and handcrafted by Adrian Calderon at his Bridgeport workshop on Chicago’s South Side. Adrian is an expert metal fabricator specializing in architectural and sculptural fabrication with 15 years experience in New York City and Chicago. 

Each item is branded and numbered for authenticity. Custom pieces and alternate logo/symbol projects possible upon request.

A photo collage of Fifth Star LLC's lux et umbra '71 furniture
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